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every image tells a story. we describe yours.

An illustrated example of an infographic.
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thought Alice.

At textBOX we agree with Alice. That's why we describe images for a living. We tell the story of every image and we'd love to help to tell the story of yours. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our website and remember we are available through the looking glass at

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our services

Alt-text writing

The focus LOCUS logo.

We apply our unique focus|LOCUS method to writing high-quality, user-friendly alt-text + image descriptions for every type of content provider.


The Discover logo.

Accessibility meets discoverability with alt-text designed specifically to tell the story of your website content.


The searchBOX logo.

searchBOX is a free contact directory of over 7,500 publishers, ebook platforms, universities + digital providers created by textBOX to help librarians and disability service officers source accessible content + accessibility statements.


TheASPIRE logo.

The ASPIRE service provides content providers with a comprehensive review and accreditation of your accessibility statements.


The Described logo.

Described is the textBOX guide to image description. It provides comprehensive guidance for creating consistent, quality image descriptions for your visual content.

telling images

The Telling Images logo.

Want to learn more about how to write or assess image description? We can help you with bespoke training focused on your requirements.

ASPIRE accessibility reviews


The ASPIRE service provides a unique verification service for accessibility statements and helps you tell your accessibility story.

explore the ASPIRElists

The ASPIRElists enable universities to assess the quality of accessibility statements across the publishing industry + ensure compliance with legislation. Click the links below to explore the reviews of publishers + ebook platforms.


Read about the impact of the ASPIRE project on the publishing + university community. Click a logo link below to learn more.

The Cambridge Core story.
The Kortext story.
Vitalsource logo
The Intellect Story.
The BibliU story.
The Birkbeck Story.
Link to the Taylor and Francis ASPIRE story
The EBSCO story.
The Leeds Beckett Story.
The Discoverability Story by University of East London.
The Discoverability Story by University of Kent.
University of Sussex logo
The Support Story by City University.
the LunchBOX logo, click to access the lunchBOX homepage.

lunchBOX interviews

Have you ever wanted to know more about the accessibility experts in the industry? Even their lunch preferences? Then lunchBOX, the new interview feature from textBOX, might be just for you.

20 questions. 20 answers. Lunchtime reading. Served.

Click the logos below to explore our recent interviews with Taylor & Francis, Ingram Content Group, VitalSource, University of KentCambridge University Press, the Swansea University Transcription Centre, Kogan Page, DAISY Consortium, SUPC and the University of Southampton.

Cambridge University Press logo, linking to their lunchBOX interview.
The DAISY consortium logo links to Sarah hilderley's lunchBOX interview.
Swansea University logo, linking to their lunchBOX interview.
Kogan Page logo, linking to their lunchBOX interview.
Ingram content group logo. Click to read the lunchBOX interview.
The University of Southampton logo. Click to read the lunchBOX interview.
VitalSource logo. Click to read the lunchBOX interview.
The SUPC logo, linking to the lunchBOx interview with Gavin Phillips.
University of Kent logo. Click to read the lunchBOX interview.
The Taylor and Francis logo. Click to read the lunchBOX interview.

learn more about textBOX

Learn more about us and our work to improve the accessibility of your content.

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Read articles from textBOX, and find out about our conference schedule.

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Read articles from textBOX, and find out about our conference schedule.

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Get in touch with us + find out how we can help you.

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Follow us on LinkedIn + learn more about our work.

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