the ASPIRE public sector list

Welcome to the ASPIRElist for public sector organisations. The ASPIRElist contains the rankings of all ASPIREverified public sector organisations. How do you fare against other organisations?

Click on a row to explore a detailed dataset for each organisation.

the ASPIRE public sector review

If you would like to learn more about the ASPIRE public sector review process + our FACTS-based scoring model, please visit our guidelines page at the link below.

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The ASPIREeducation data is fully integrated with searchBOX, the most comprehensive directory of accessible content + information. searchBOX contains the contact data for over 6,000 institutions, publishers, platforms + vendors. Hundreds of librarians use searchBOX every day to help them request accessible content for their students + find accessibility statements from third-party providers.


The ASPIREreview is available directly from searchBOX and perfectly merges contact and content details to tell a publisher, platform or institution's whole story.


searchBOX is a free service from textBOX and we will happily update your contact information to help you reach all your users.

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