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alt-text writing

textBOX provides high-quality alt-text + image descriptions for every type of image, from graphs to graffiti.

We use our unique focus|LOCUS methodology to tell the story of your images.

discover for website alt-text

The discover service provides specialised alt-text for your website that weaves accessibility together with discoverability. Help your customers explore your content by using keyword rich alt-text phrases to tell your story.


image description for audiobooks

Audiobooks are the fastest growing format in the book publishing industry and we can help publishers of image-rich content to broaden their range of available content.

Our SCRIPT service delivers the whole book to every reader.


image description on demand

Our FLOW service offers fast, high-quality on demand image description service for clients.


If you are up against a deadline or confronted with a complex image that is difficult to describe, we are more than happy to help.

image description repair

Poor quality image descriptions negatively impact the user experience.

our FIX service helps content providers assess + correct existing alt-text + image descriptions.


image collections

image descriptions for art galleries + stock archives 

Enhance the accessibility + discoverability of your collections with high-quality alt-text + image descriptions.

textBOX can help you make your exhibitions truly inclusive with immersive image descriptions for audio tours.


consulting + training

image description consulting

Contact us with any questions you may have about how to integrate image descriptions in your workflow. We're happy to help.


image description training

textBOX provides comprehensive TELLING IMAGES training for staff responsible for writing image descriptions.


Achieving consistency and accuracy with image descriptions can feel like an uphill battle without the proper training and support. We are here to help content providers overcome challenges with producing high-quality image descriptions at scale.

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