publisher services

publisher services

image description

textBOX provides top quality image descriptions for a wide range of simple and complex images; everything from graphs to graffiti.

Backed by our ground-breaking content analysis (ECHO) and image description (focus/LOCUS + PICTURE) methodology and our fierce team of subject experts, we are prepared to tell the story of every image.


the accessible index for EPUB

The textBOX index solution, our flagship product, is based on open-source, industry standards and universally-approved, accessible tools.


The Ace by DAISY accessibility checking tool allows textBOX to quickly process EPUB files and identify missing image descriptions.


The index offers a simple solution for integrating image descriptions and works on all major platforms, browsers and devices. 


image description for audiobooks

Audiobooks are the fastest growing format in the book publishing industry and providers of graphically-rich content must find a way to extend their reach to customers who prefer to listen. 

textBOX understands the nuances of eBook and audiobook image description and delivers a solution that enhances the reading experience for both formats. 


image description repair

Poor quality image descriptions negatively impact university disability service officers and print-disabled students.

textBOX helps publishers quickly respond to customer complaints by delivering fast, high-quality remediation services at a reasonable rate. 


university services

searchBOX: the search tool for librarians

The searchBOX tool from textBOX contains contact details for over 3,500 publishers and imprints from across the world.

Simplify your search for accessible content with us. searchBOX is the most comprehensive accessibility database on the market. And it's free! Make life simpler. Sign up today.

image description on demand

textBOX offers fast, high quality image description services on the fly for universities and publishers.


Whether you are up against a rapidly approaching deadline or confronted with a complex image that is difficult to describe, we are happy to help! Flow is your secret weapon to tackling challenging deadlines and descriptions.


archive services

image descriptions for stock + archival images

Add value to your stock image content by offering a full spectrum bespoke image description service.

Every non-decorative image on the web requires a description. Help your customers deliver accessible digital content to their readers.


consulting services

image description consulting

We've got your back. Reach out with any questions you may have about how to make image descriptions happen.


We help with everything from best practices and production workflows to managing image description data. 

image description training

textBOX provides comprehensive training for internal publishing staff responsible for writing image descriptions.


Achieving consistency and accuracy with image descriptions can feel like an uphill battle without the proper training and support. We are here to help publishers overcome challenges with producing high-quality image descriptions at scale.

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