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searchBOX finder is a service from textBOX designed to help public sector bodies address the issue of third-party accessibility statements.


Finder enables you to quickly search for the available accessibility statements held in the full searchBOX directory. Include the link to searchBOX finder in your statement to help your users find accessibility statements for third-party content + providers.

searchBOX finder

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ASPIRE provides a unique overview of accessibility statements within the publishing industry. Find out which content providers are producing accessible content and improve your purchasing decision making.

As ever, please send us your thoughts and ideas for searchBOX at or contact me directly at Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. All ideas welcome!


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To use searchBOX finder, enter the publisher or vendor you are searching for in the searchbox below. Click "search" or press "enter" to search the directory. Alternatively you can browse through each category by opening the dropdown menu below and selecting your preferred category.

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Click on a result in the table below to find the accessibility statement of the publisher,  platform, institution or vendor.

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Are you a librarian who uses searchBOX? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Your feedback helps us improve our searchBOX service + together we can simplify the process of sourcing accessible content + accessibility statements.

Please contact us using the form or email below.


Are you a publisher or vendor who uses searchBOX? Do we have your up-to-date accessibility contacts + information?


Please contact us using the form or email below.

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Email us directly at hello@textboxdigital.comcontact us on Twitter at @textboxdigital, or submit the form below.

writing your accessibility statement

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Learn more about writing your accessibility statement with the statement template written by key experts in the accessibility field.

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Do you write alt-text for your students?Described is the textBOX guide to image description. It provides comprehensive guidance for creating consistent, quality image descriptions for your visual content.


The ASPIRElist provides librarians and faculty with detailed information about the accessibility statements of publishers and content platforms. Explore ASPIRE today.

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