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about us

every image tells a story. we tell yours.

This is the perfect place for jargon and soaring prose. Instead, let's go with...


We are textBOX. We are a London-based company + we describe images. Every image.


We specialise in writing alt text + image descriptions for publishers, universities and every type of organisation.

We sat in a darkened room for a long time + designed a fiendish method for writing image descriptions. It works. Really well. It makes us happy.


We have a background in publishing and a curiosity about every subject.  We like talking about your issues. And then fixing them.


You choose the images. We describe them, We help you create content that is useful, discoverable and inclusive to every reader. 


We're textBOX. We write your images. And we tell your story. Without jargon.

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who are we?

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huw alexander

Managing Director

Huw has worked in the publishing industry for over 25 years. His passion for promoting accessibility has developed over the last decade through listening to the stories and issues of users and content providers.


Huw is a member of the Publishing Accessibility Action Group and the Further and Higher Education Digital Accessibility Working Group. He is a regular conference speaker + writer on image description + accessibility issues. 


He now describes things for a living.

Have a question? Contact Huw at

Learn more about Huw in his lunchBOX interview.

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the world.

Susan Sontag | On Photography

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textBOX are proud to support the Publishing Accessibility Action Group charter as an ally in promoting inclusive publishing for all.

Click to learn more about the Publishing Accessibility Action Group charter.
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