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searchBOX is a free and comprehensive directory created by textBOX to help librarians and disability service officers source accessible content + find the accessibility statements of their third-party suppliers. searchBOX contains over 7,500 publishers, platforms, universities + digital suppliers. The directory is maintained by a crowd-sourced network of members working together to deliver the most relevant and accurate accessible content directory in the industry.

Sign up for free below to join the community and access our growing and evolving directory.

Alternatively, if you are simply searching for accessibility statements from third-party providers you can use the searchBOX finder service. This service is open to all users and requires no login. You can add the link to your accessibility statement + enable your users to search for the accessibility statement of any third-party supplier.

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searchBOX is a fantastic resource. By providing a single point of truth, searchBOX has removed the time-consuming process of identifying the channels for obtaining accessible formats from publishers.


Nik Duncan | University of Kent

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The searchBOX feature is very useful when looking for publisher contact details. It’s so up-to-date and everything is in one place!

Swansea University Transcription Centre

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Brilliant new replacement (and upgrade!) for the old PublisherLookup service, so loved by libraries.

Alistair McNaught | McNaught Consultancy

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