the ASPIREplatform list

Welcome to the ASPIRElist for platforms. The ASPIRElist contains the rankings of all ASPIREverified digital platforms. How do you fare against your competitors and peers?


Click on a row to explore a detailed dataset for each platform.

*A Platform Updated tag means a platform has let us know that they have updated their accessibility statement but they have not been audited by ASPIRE yet.

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The ASPIRE platform data is fully integrated with searchBOX, the most comprehensive database for sourcing publisher + platform contact details. searchBOX contains the contact data for over 7,000 institutions, publishers, platforms + vendors. Hundreds of librarians use searchBOX every day to help them request accessible content for their students + find accessibility statements from third-party providers.


The ASPIREreview is available directly from searchBOX and perfectly merges contact and content details to tell a publisher, platform or institutions's whole story.


searchBOX is a free service from textBOX and we will happily update your contact information to help you reach all your users.

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