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Accessibility is key to BibliU’s mission to revitalise higher education’s textbook industry. Central to the founding of BibliU was the belief that eBooks have a crucial advantage over print textbooks in facilitating content that is tailored to all types of readers. We believe the eReader we have constructed over the past seven years is at the forefront of innovating textbook accessibility. 

Making information about accessibility clear and discoverable is an essential part of our commitment to help all readers access our content. That is why we have rewritten and simplified our accessibility statement, available

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Accessibility is key to BibliU’s mission to revitalise higher education’s textbook industry.

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When ASPIRE first audited our accessibility statement we received a rating only marginally higher than the average score of 24% for platforms. As a company that prides itself on its dedication to promoting accessibility, we were disappointed. 


We had built an eReader that had made accessibility a key priority, with built in text-to-speech and speed-reader functions; and customised colour and contrast reading modes. However, we realised that despite our technological progress, we had missed a crucial step in displaying this information to those that needed it. 


ASPIRE has been crucial in alerting us to the importance of displaying the technological work that we have invested in accessibility. This transparency of information enables universities, librarians and students to make an informed choice regarding which eBook provider they choose.


ASPIRE further provided us with a framework around which we could reshape our accessibility statement. In creating our statement, we particularly focused on making it discoverable, comprehensive and jargon-free. We were delighted to receive a score of 100% at the end of the process.

Our CEO, Dave Sherwood, had this to say:

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BibliU wants to be right at the forefront of promoting accessibility in education. 


Making visible the hard work BibliU have put into accessibility is crucial to help customers make the right decision about which platform to choose.


Our 100% score is awesome and we will continue to strive to promote accessibility as a crucial issue in higher education. Thanks to ASPIRE for all their work! It's a really great project and has helped us sharpen our approach to displaying our accessibility information hugely.

Once again, thanks to the team at textBOX ASPIRE, and all the hardworking staff here at BibliU for making this result possible.

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