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The ASPIRE project was an essential tool to ensure our work is accessible to as many people as possible.

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Over the last 12 months we have researched how we can improve our products and outreach in terms of the end user. The ASPIRE project has offered invaluable information regarding what we can do as publishers to make our products accessible, and what is required from the 3rd parties we work with.

Our books from 2018 onwards are now all available in ePUB 3 format and DRM free ebooks can be requested from both RNIB Bookshare and Bookshare US. Our journals are available online through IngentaConnect.

Read IngentaConnect’s commitment to accessibility statement. 

Our focus team are currently working towards: 

  • Alternative text for images in frontlist titles.

  • The ability to navigate tables of contents and reading order.

  • Correct mark up of headers, links, tables and lists.

  • Full accessibility metadata.

We also have an updated, more user-friendly accessible website with a dedicated access page, updated on a regular basis.

We advise on the most compatible assistive technologies to use for our products and on the reading and inbuilt accessibility features. We are committed to ensuring we adopt the best current working practices and will continue to do so as new developments occur. 

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