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Accessibility note: "Softlink is committed to delivering robust applications with a high degree of accessibility for its target users. In line with this goal, Liberty has been designed to conform with WCAG 2.0 to the AA level. Conformance with these guidelines ensures that Liberty is a perceivable, operable, and understandable and robust service for its end users. Softlink's Liberty LMS is therefore compliant with the regulation."

Information updated

8/26/20, 2:02 PM

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The ASPIRE service provides detailed information about the accessibility information available on a publishing platform website. Each platform is assessed and assigned an ASPIREscore based on a range of criteria. You can use this information to inform your purchasing decisions + usage of the platform.

If there is a URL below then you can click to learn more about this platform's accessible policies and their ASPIREscore.


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We value your feedback on searchBOX. please contact us with any advice for improving the accuracy or usability of the service. We will add any updates as quickly as possible.


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