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ASPIRE resources


We're building a collection of interesting, useful + informative articles + resources to help librarians navigate the new regulations for accessibility statements. Explore the collection below. If you would like to recommend an article, we'd love to hear from you.


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ASPIREeducation guidelines


The ASPIREeducation model accessibility statement

All Able + ASPIRE

Educational Aspirations: Introducing ASPIREeducation

Huw Alexander

Aspirational Thinking: Creating ASPIRE

Alistair McNaught + Huw Alexander

Aspiring to be accessible: 4 lessons for publishers from the ASPIRE data

Alistair McNaught

Accessibility statements: food labelling for the digital world

Alistair McNaught

Accessibility Regulations

The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018



European Accessibility Act - Overview


European Accessibility Act – Legal Text

UK Government Digital Services

Understanding accessibility requirements for public sector bodies



Understanding accessibility requirements for public sector bodies



Sample Accessibility statement

Doing a basic accessibility check if you cannot do a detailed one


Regulations on the accessibility of new public sector websites come into force

Making online public services accessible

The Digital Accessibility Toolkit

The Digital Accessibility is a fantastic and comprehensive resource covering all aspects of higher education accessibility. It has been created by the Further and Higher Education Digital Accessibility Working Group. A selection of links are provided below.



Digital Accessibility Toolkit


Accessibility Statements Across the UK – October 2019

George Rhodes


Quick Accessibility Checks

Auditing for Digital Accessibility

Working with Suppliers

Accessibility + Procurement

Accessibility Statements


Staff Guides

Quick Accessibility Checks

Accessible Documents


Alternative Formats


3rd Party Content Guidance

Articles + Editorials

What are the digital accessibility gaps in further education?

Vikki Liogier


Access all areas! Web Accessibility and More at Leeds Beckett

Rachel Thornton


Meeting Accessibility Regulations



10 steps to comply with new UK accessibility regulations

Abi James + Annie Mannion


Is your public sector website prepared for new regulations?

Abi James

Choose wisely, communicate widely: How can universities work to become more accessible?

Alistair McNaught



Accessible at last?: what do new European digital accessibility laws mean for disabled people in the UK?

Abi James + Sarah Lewthwaite

How to comply with new Digital Accessibility Regulations: Your questions answered.

Abi James + Alistair McNaught

Web accessibility and Brexit


Do you comply with the new accessibility regulations?

Abi James + Annie Mannion




Public Sector accessibility regs are an opportunity and a threat

Amy Low

Culture boosts compliance in HE and the Public Sector

Abi James + Annie Mannion



Compliance snapshot shows big gaps in Accessibility Statements across UK

George Rhodes + Annie Mannion

Accessibility Testing

How To Do an Accessibility Review

Rob Dodson | Google Developers


Evaluating Web Accessibility Overview


The WAVE accessibility testing tool


Axe testing tool



Testing for accessibility

Government Digital Services

Useful Resources

WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey



Moodle Best Practices


The WebAIM Million

The WebAIM Million Update

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