ASPIRE platform review 

the ASPIREplatform review process

The review provides the ASPIREscore and actionable feedback on areas requiring improvement. The review covers advice across a wide spectrum of criteria.

The ASPIREreview provides clients with a comprehensive assessment of their accessibility statements.

Remember that even small changes can make a big difference to your score. Be honest about the work you are doing and tell your accessibility story.

Your ASPIREreview will provide advice and recommendations for each aspect of your statement. 

The guidance below will help you understand the measurements used by ASPIRE and guide you in writing your statement.

the ASPIREplatform review criteria

We want to help you achieve a great ASPIREscore. The ASPIREplatform review criteria are transparent and available to review on our guidelines page. Follow the link below to explore the ASPIREreview criteria.

the ASPIREplatform guidelines

The architect of the original ASPIRE project, Alistair McNaught, provides an introduction + guidelines for creating a user-focused accessibility statement that tells your accessibility story.

the ASPIREplatform score

The ASPIREscore is the core of the ASPIRE service and is based on 3 main areas: 


How you communicate your message + respond to customer enquiries.


A detailed guide to the accessibility of your content + its functionality.


How you engage with accessibility services and requests for content.

ASPIREplatform verification

ASPIRE is the first verification service for accessibility statements in the publishing industry. The service provides expert advice and guidance to ensure that you are telling your accessibility story to your customers.


ASPIRE is responsive to your needs and provides fast updates to your ASPIREscore to fully reflect your work and investment in inclusive publishing.

ASPIRE provides a host of exciting features and resources:


Your ASPIREscore tracks your progress as you work to improve your accessibility statement.


A step-by-step assessment of your accessibility statement and recommendations for enhancements.


Your score and review are included on the ASPIRElist to tell your story to your customers.


An accreditation badge for your website accessibility statement page.

Each verified platform is assigned a unique score and an ASPIRE badge that can be displayed on your website to confirm your accreditation. Your ASPIREscore is added to the appropriate ASPIRElist for users to view.

ASPIREplatform list

Once you are happy with your ASPIREscore your score will be announced + posted to the ASPIREplatform list. You can see how your accessibility statement compares to your peers + competitors.

ASPIREplatform pricing

The ASPIRE service offers flexible pricing models to suit single + multi-statement review requirements. Previously verified statements that have been updated based on ASPIRE recommendations can be reassessed using the ASPIREtwo model.


Single Statement Audit

£250  |  $300


Statement Audit Retest within 12 months

£100  | $125

ASPIRE multi

5 Statement Audits + Retests within 12 months

£1,000  |  $1,250

ASPIRE consultancy

The ASPIREconsult service teams you up with industry experts to help you assess and remediate your existing accessibility statements or draft powerful new statements to help you engage with your customers.

The ASPIREconsult team offers:





contact ASPIRE

If you'd like to learn more about the ASPIREreview service, please contact us at We'll be happy to walk you through the process + discuss your requirements + any questions you may have.

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