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A pie chart shows how the quantities of different constituent categories make up a whole. It uses a circular display divided into sectors for each category, with the angle representing each of the percentage proportions.

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​A pie chart compares how Disney princesses spend their time in the top 10 grossing Disney princess movies of all time.


Pie Chart

STEP 1: Guidance


STEP 1: Guidance

A pie chart can be deconstructed into a simple data list of each variable.

The description for a pie chart needs to reference the following data:

  • The title of the chart.

  • The structure of the chart (number of variables).

  • The variables being measured in the chart.

  • The data point(s) for each variable.

The description should be ordered based on the data points. List the data in order from highest value to lowest value. This provides structure for the user and improves understanding.

List the variables with their relevant data points. The data points may include both percentage and value. If the exact data are not available, then estimate the values. If data are estimated, then state this within the description.

To assist with understanding, use commas instead of colons to create recognizable pauses for the screen reader user. The use of “equals” also helps attach the data points to the relevant variable.

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