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A line chart shows how quantitative values for different categories have changed over time. They are typically structured around a temporal x-axis with equal intervals from the earliest to latest point in time. Quantitative values are plotted using joined-up lines that effectively connect

consecutive points positioned along a y-axis. The resulting slopes formed between the two ends of each line provide an indication of the local trends between points in time. As this sequence is extended to plot all values across the time frame it forms an overall line representative of the quantitative change over time story for a single categorical value. Multiple categories can be displayed in the same view, each represented by a unique line.

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​A line chart describes the gross sales of Mattel by region between 2009 and 2017.


Line Chart

STEP 1: Guidance


STEP 1: Guidance

The description for a line chart needs to reference the following data:

  • The title of the chart.

  • The structure of the chart (x axis and y axis values).

  • The number of variables being measured in the chart.

  • The data point(s) for each variable.


Although color may be used in the chart to define the individual lines, the colors are not required to be referenced in the description. Use commas and periods to structure the sentence for the screen reader.

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