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image description for websites

Image description is a powerful marketing tool that plays a critical role in advertising and promoting your company's message. 


We are excited to present Discover, a specialized image description service for websites. We create highly structured and targeted 16-word keyphrase alt-text image descriptions to drive traffic, attract new customers and improve search and discovery.


textBOX is here to help you Discover a new audience and a new horizon.

the issue

Website wireframe for a fictious website named, Missing Information. The image contains three images which are censored by thick grey blocks.

68% of website images are unseen by the

visually impaired + search engines.


image description leads to far-reaching impacts for your business.

An icon of judicial scales.


An icon of a magnifyin glass.


An icon of figures in an audience.


An icn of a dollar sign.


the solution

Two convrging arrows labeled accessibility and discoverability.

increase your website accessibility, discoverability + sales potential with Discover by textBOX

less is more

The logo for the Rule of 16 features connected jigsaw pieces.
Open Quote.

To enhance discovery when writing alt-text keyphrases, use a maximum of 16 words to describe your images.

Close Quote.

maximize SEO

right bracket.
left bracket.
An icon of a string reel representing a search string
Visualization of the percetage of search terms used in a web search.

each keyphrase is calibrated to anticipate + match user search activity.

quality check

The logo for the ARCTIC quality assurance system. The 6 quality criteria are accurate, relevant, concie, tacticl, informative and contextual.
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