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The ASPIREeducation survey 2020

Welcome to the ASPIREeducation survey 2020. Alongside the launch of our new ASPIREeducation verification service for accessibility statements in the Higher and Further education sectors we asked your thoughts on accessibility statements and your readiness for the new Public Sector Bodies accessibility regulations.

A summary of the survey results are now available. Click the link below for the Microsoft Forms version of download the PowerPoint version by clicking the PowerPoint icon.

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The ASPIREeducation webinars

Part 1. Accessibility Statements: Clearing the Final Hurdles | 13.00-14.00 | 11 September 2020

To support the education sector we will be running a free webinar on Friday 11 September, Accessibility Statements: Clearing the Final Hurdles. Join Alistair McNaught + Huw Alexander from ASPIRE as they highlight the key priorities identified in the survey and offer practical advice on:

  • Senior management buy-in.

  • Third party content.

  • Alternative auditing approaches.

  • Tips on disproportionate burden assessment and justification.

  • Making accessibility statements genuinely useful to users.

With free templates, tools, advice/guidance + links to recommended organisations, we’ll help you over the final hurdles to meet the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations on 23 September 2020.

Thanks so much for attending the ASPIREeducation webinar. Please download the PowerPoint slides from the link below. 

Part 2. Accessibility. Answered: Addressing your Accessibility Questions | 12.00-14.00 | 18 September

The ASPIREeducation survey identified a range of issues that institutions + organisations are facing as they race to meet the Public Sector Bodies accessibility regulations on 23 September.

We're delighted to follow up our first webinar with a deeper dive into the tools + services available to the sector: 


To help us, we're delighted to be joined by our friends from AbilityNet, All Able, Brickfield + codemantra, to join us to discuss their services and solutions and how they view the current state of accessibility across education.

Join us for free on Friday 18 September at 12.00 GMT for a series of presentations and questions and answers, followed by a panel discussion where you choose the questions.

Hosted by Alistair McNaught + Huw Alexander on behalf of ASPIREeducation. The session will run for 2 hours, so you can join us for the whole event or for the sessions of particular interest to you. The session timings are below. 



12.00. Exploring the Accessibility Maturity model + the Digital Inclusion bundle with Amy Low + Helen Wickes from AbilityNet.

12.20. PDF bulk auditing and bulk conversion with Mark McCallum + Ian Smith from codemantra.

12.40. Moodle accessibility plugin – Find, Fix and Futureproof with Gavin Henrick from Brickfield.


13.00. Accessibility statement audits and support with Ben Watson + George Rhodes from All Able.

13.20. Writing your statements with Alistair McNaught + Huw Alexander from ASPIREeducation.

13.40. Panel Discussion.


14.00. Close.

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Digital accessibility doesn't have to be a dark art.

Ben Watson | All Able

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Thanks so much for attending the ASPIREeducation webinar, Accessibility Answered. Please download the PowerPoint slides from the link below. 

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